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Caretaking Services for your property provided by Mughal Estate

Mughal Estate offers a caretaking service that is focused on helping those with a second home or a shop by easing the burden of maintaining and taking care of the property. Perhaps you prefer not to rent your home, or the property is for sale and you’d like to keep it in showroom condition for potential buyers. At Mughal Estate, we have experienced caretakers who will do this maintenance for you. Depending on your needs, we’ll check up on your home as often as you’d like and make sure everything is turn-key for you upon your arrival, or in the best possible condition for those who wish to view your home. You’ve made the commitment to have that special place in our specified areas, now you deserve to enjoy every minute of it!

Available Services:

  • Check-ups and full home inspections
  • Coordinating all service and maintenance
  • Winterizing
  • Home prep and seasonal services, including deep cleaning
  • Special holiday packages